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News from SAFKAS Computersoftware


New application: You know this: You want upload your awesome photos / pictures or images to your homepage / blog or send it friends by email, but they are too big. This is not a problem anymore! With SAFKAS Image Resizer you can automatically resize all your images like JPG, JPEG, PNG, GIF or BMP, in a batch to an arbitrary size. Choose between a percentage reduction or a fixed X- or Y-length. The new images can be stored in a subdirectory or provided with a prefix.


Cover art for SAFKAS X-MAS Box 2011

For this year, SAFKAS Computersoftware has released a great X-MAS Box with 6 selected SAFKAS games AND 12 game demos and the original PDF Editor from CAD-KAS Computersoftware.


The company website has been launched in a new design.


New application: SAFKAS Perfect File Compilation solves the knapsack problem. You know the problem: You would fill a CD, DVD or a harddisk but there are to many files. How to fill the drive perfectly. What is the best space-filling compilation? How do you get the best solution? This ist very simple: Buy SAFKAS Perfect File Compilation! You just select the source directory and the target directory or drive. And the software lists the optimal file compilation. With one click you can move all files to the target directory. That's it!


New update: In the new version of the game SAFKAS Fishing have been integrated 3 cheats. More information can be found on


Media coverage: The Game SAFKAS Fishing was played on the Server Down Show as a Battle between the two presenters Maxi and Clape.


New Game: Let's go fishing! Compete in a funny fishing contest against the computer or another player. Catch the biggest and colorful fishes. But watch out for the voracious predator fish! They snatch unwary anglers their fishes. Experience varied, wild levels and climb up the highscore!